• Ray Arias

Health Technology and the "Choose" Published on Published on March 15, 2018

I have studied the phenomena of healthcare for the past 5 years. We got our start at Northwestern Medicine working with a Healthcare Innovator Dr. Chris Gonzalez MD about a more effective system for working with non-English speakers seeking healthcare services. We built and patented a product called "intake assist" and that opened our eyes to the great need for more effective ways of servicing "other populations". That awakening lead us to learning about technologies, sciences and studies for serving various populations. Our research included big data, analytics, identifying rising risk patients for diabetes, genomic testing and prescription models based on that testing, health disparity studies and so forth..... My thinking after all that is that we don't focus enough resources on what I call the "Choose". The "Choose" is exactly that. What do I choose to do. In spite of all the science and technology aimed at better health, it often breaks down to how to influence people to choose wisely. Stop smoking, less sugar, less salt, more exercise etc. There is a concept called social influence theory that might have some answers and we are looking at that hoping to experiment with mobile apps that connect a person to a social influence framework. If any of my friends and business associates have thoughts on the science of the "Choose", I am all ears and welcome input.


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